Connecting the dots

To enable the mining industry’s transition to cloud-based technology, Vocus Group is developing fibre network cables and satellite technology to improve connections in remote areas.

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Survey: Environmental technology in sustainability

This survey seeks to gain a better understanding of how industry currently uses technology to monitor and carry out environmental rehabilitation and restoration efforts, including land rehabilitation, species protection and carbon sequestration.

The Australian mining sector’s commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity restoration are key priorities, in line with the industry’s commitment to reaching net zero emissions targets by 2050.

All industry professionals are invited to participate in the survey. The aim being to create a benchmark from the findings that can be measured annually, providing a useful industry-wide resource for forward planning and environmental strategy.

This survey is anonymous and will take an estimated 3-5 minutes to complete. The report of the findings will be published in January 2022.

Follow this link to complete the survey.