Victoria turns the sands of time

The Victorian mineral sands industry holds the potential to satisfy a growing market on a global stage. How will the state make the most of this opportunity? 

Embracing the green steel phenomenon

Steelmakers are becoming more discerning on their path towards a net-zero future, and low grade or less sustainable iron ore producers risk being left out in the cold.

BHP stays hungry

As the world’s largest mining company, BHP understands its responsibility to inspire and incite the decarbonisation hunt. And with infrastructure and investments mounting, the company has started to walk the talk.

IMARC unites the investment community

Where global mining leaders connect with technology, finance and the future, IMARC is shaping up as a must-attend event for the industry in early 2022. 
rare earths

The future of rare earths in Australia

Demand for rare earth minerals is set to skyrocket by 2030 in response to an uptick in automotive and computer production. Here’s why.
Pilbara Minerals

Pilbara Minerals takes the plunge

With the early success of its Battery Material Exchange platform, Pilbara Minerals is reaping the rewards of an alternative route to market.

The great gold vs crypto debate

The recent performance of cryptocurrencies coupled with year-to-date outflows from gold ETFs has led to questions about whether cryptocurrencies are displacing interest in gold.

Will Australia’s ‘technology, not taxes’ energy approach deliver net-zero target?

Australia’s new Long Term Emissions Reduction Plan to deliver net-zero emissions by 2050 will rely on two trends.

Preparing for the next gold rush

Despite stagnate gold prices amid a cryptocurrency threat, Fat Tail Investment Research gold investments editor Brian Chu believes a market correction beckons and there’s never been more reason to stick with the investment mainstay.

Dart on target in Victorian mineral hunt

Advancing its Granite Flat, Buckland and Dorchap exploration projects, Dart Mining’s pursuit of production is well positioned heading into 2022. 

Connecting the dots

To enable the mining industry’s transition to cloud-based technology, Vocus Group is developing fibre network cables and satellite technology to improve connections in remote areas.

Opportunity to improve mine closure and rehabilitation

Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, Australian mining can continue to protect the environment when projects close.