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Kaiser digs deep at A1 gold mine

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Kaiser Reef has commenced decline development works at its A1 gold mine in Victoria.

The Nova project holds high-grade gold mineralisation at unmined levels of the A1 mine. The new mine development is expected to contribute to increased gold production, marking a milestone as production transitions from the current remnant gold mining operation.

Development works are on track, with Kaiser accessing the Dukes Reef within the A1 mine. The Dukes Reef has been partially historically mined and returned average grades over 15 grams per tonne gold.

A development drive is being implemented along the length of the Dukes Reef to facilitate mechanised exploitation. This is an implementation of modern mine planning that will facilitate an increase in overall production.

The Dukes Reef will be subjected to long hole stoping between the two historic levels where there are unmined resource blocks of Dukes Reef. This will be scheduled once the delineation of high-grade shoots is completed on the strike drive.

The Dukes Reef is strongly formed and is expected to contribute to Kaiser’s September quarterly mining production.

Kaiser Reef

Kaiser Reef is a high-grade gold producer and exploration company with a clear focus on gold within the Lachlan Fold Belt. This spans across the border through NSW and into Victoria and has been a major gold producing region for Australia since the mid 1800’s.

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