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Lincoln eyes battery future

Lincoln graphite battery

Lincoln Minerals is readying itself to be a downstream graphite player in the years to come, as it begins preparations on a battery anode material (BAM) scoping study.

An independent review of previous testwork from 30-year metallurgical veteran Clint Bowker confirms graphite from Kookaburra is an ideal feedstock for battery anode material to serve global electric vehicle (EV) markets.

Lincoln said a “vertically-integrated, mine-to-battery” BAM scoping study would explore the possibility of integrating the company’s potential Tier 1 Kookaburra graphite project with a downstream BAM manufacturing facility in South Australia.

This would target Australia’s recently released National Battery Strategy, which outlined over $2.25 billion in direct government funding plus tax incentives to develop a competitive domestic battery industry.

A BAM facility would see graphite concentrate from the Kookaburra project undergo processing to transform it into either a micronised product suitable for lithium-ion battery anode production and other uses, or for production of purified spherical graphite (PSG).

“The PSG will then be targeted for domestic use as part of (the) Australian National Battery Strategy or for export to lithium-ion battery anode manufacturers around the world,” Lincoln said.

“The development of a BAM strategy is in direct response to increasing demand for high quality battery anode material sourced from supply chains unrelated to the traditional China supply chain sources, with the added benefit that Lincoln is aiming to develop its integrated strategy utilising 100 per cent renewable power.”

Lincoln has commissioned the remaining metallurgical testwork to commence in June 2024, which will include spheronisation, purifications and coating.

Micronised product qualification will then take place, targeting battery markets as well as high-value markets such as defence and aerospace.

Results from the next phase of testwork are set to be ready in August. This will inform the BAM scoping study, which is set for release in September 2024.

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