Have your say on water management in mining

water management

This survey seeks to gather information on how the mining industry can improve water management solutions – the cost savings of which will be felt for years to come.

The mining industry extracted 1,411 gigalitres of water in 2021-22 (ABS) – almost as much as the total supplied to households in the same year.

The cost of this extraction is near incalculable, but one thing is for certain: there is room to reduce it using technology, community consultation, and more efficient processes.

Presented by Australian Mining and Black & Veatch, the survey targets a wide audience, from engineers to C-Suite decision makers, and it will uncover the drivers, opportunities, and challenges of water management in mining.

Thank for your participation, which will be rewarded with a first look at the Water Management for Mining Report released later this year.

Follow this link to complete the survey:

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