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Bowen Rail celebrates coal tonnage record

Bowen Rail coal

Bowen Rail Company has achieved a new tonnage record for Bravus Mining and Resources’ Carmichael coal mine.

Regional Queensland communities joined the rail haulage company as it celebrated its new rail freight performance record and the 180 local jobs created in the process.

The day marked the first 10 million tonnes of Queensland coal that Bowen Rail has safely transported from the Carmichael coal mine in the Isaac Region, Queensland to the North Queensland Export Terminal.

Bowen Rail general manager Brendan Lane spoke at the celebration and said the achievement was testament to the dedication and hard work of all who supported the business.

“In just three years we’ve gone from a team of 10 people working on William Street to a thriving group of about 180 employees working across our rail operations, network control, health and safety, maintenance, environment, and professional functions,” he said.

“We’re deeply grateful for the incredible support we’ve received as we’ve grown from a startup to a thriving rail operator.

“While this celebration is about one record, the good news for Bowen is this is only the latest in many to come for our business.”

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