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What separates Truflo Pumps from its pumping competitors

Pump procurement decisions in the mining industry are influenced by multiple factors with two critical factors being a ‘needs-based decision process’ and ‘the product/supplier evaluation process’.

The very essence of mining operations – especially under the umbrella of mine water management – demands a flawless marriage of at least these two factors in the pump procurement process.

The relationship between the grassroots miner at the “coal face” and the procurement personnel should not just be a simple balance of financial equity. More importantly, it is a symbiosis between the two departments for the good of the overall mining operation.

The operational needs and safety of a miner must be met with equipment that does the job exactly as per spec, with the purchase framed via informed and forward-thinking procurement personnel.

Future-proofing an operation means having confidence that major equipment purchases such as those found in open-cut or underground mining are going to be robust and steadfastly dependable.

Mine personnel and management can then rest easy knowing that important challenges such as mine dewatering will be met consistently day-after-day. This is the hallmark of market-leading pumping equipment.

A major point of difference between Truflo Pumping Systems’ pumps and competing products, is that Truflo Pumps builds bespoke pumps specific to the needs of the customer.

A case in point is where a very large mining company required the inclusion of platforms and stairs on their trailer-mounted pump sets and because Truflo Pumps designs and engineers the complete pump set from start to finish, this was successfully incorporated into all subsequent trailer pump sets for the company.

A persuasive procurement argument – quality-trusted equipment

To become a market leader in any field, pump equipment has to be best in class, which is where Truflo Pumps has built a legendary name within the mining industry.

Equipment design and engineering, coupled with high quality materials that are built exactly to what a client needs is a great counter-argument against competing “off the shelf” or “sold as a standard product” dewatering solutions – remember one size does not fit all dewatering scenarios.

Bespoke pump set design does not mean unexpected results. Every pump set that goes out Truflo Pumps’ doors is crafted to exacting standards and performs exactly to a client’s need and, as long as the maintenance schedules are maintained, a client can be guaranteed many hours of dependable service even in the most challenging of environments.

A massive win for miners and Australian manufacturing

Being Australian designed and manufactured there are a number of benefits to purchasing a “born ‘n bred” Australian product. Namely, industry-level service and support is available right here in Australia by people with real mine water management experience and with real pump set engineering qualifications.

Additionally many parts and components are built right here in regional NSW and are sold as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from our own parts and service store.

Truflo Pumping Systems recently celebrated over 30 years of pumping excellence and is proud to be 100 per cent Australian owned and made.

Find out more about Truflo here.

This article was developed in partnership with Truflo Pumping Systems.

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