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Aquatech Drilling

Aquatech Drilling has successfully completed drilling projects across Western Australia for more than 30 years, maintaining a proven record of servicing a variety of clients across many sectors.

Aquatech Drilling is a privately owned and family-run business that, from humble beginnings, has grown to provide cost-effective water well drilling for the resources sector. It offers clients tailored solutions and the capacity to drill to significant depths using powerful machinery.

“The company was started by the previous owner Shane Williams in his backyard in 1988. Over a period of time with machinery upgrades, a focus on operating efficiently, keeping costs under control and learning about the various types of drilling conditions, it has kept growing and growing,” Aquatech owner Luke Garbelini told Australian Resources & Investment. 

Aquatech is committed to being at the leading edge of drilling innovation, and although the company experienced some recent growing pains, Garbelini is focused on leveraging his extensive knowledge and strong work ethic to expand Aquatech’s presence across Western Australia. 

The company specialises in water well drilling, utilising mud rotary or air hammer techniques with the scope of work including, production bores, artesian bores, dewatering bores, monitoring bores, down hole hammer, cement grouting, waterbore redevelopment and relines as well as the installation of various steel and stainless-steel casings.

Garbelini and his team have an intimate understanding of what clients require on-site, ensuring drilling projects are conducted efficiently and safely, while always meeting specified deadlines.

“Water is critically important to the mining industry. It’s utilised in every part of mining operations from processing to power generation and dust suppression,” Garbelini said.

“Every client has different requirements when it comes to water; often there is a de-watering requirement that involves drilling bores to stop water from entering mine workings located underground.

“Water can be used for anything, and at Aquatech we are at the forefront of providing solutions for our clients’ requirements, whatever they may be.”

Used in every part of mining operations, water is critically important to the sector.

Aquatech is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations relating to safety, health and wellbeing, as well as those related to the environment.

A safety-first approach is at the heart of Aquatech’s drilling operations and all team members are well trained and fully committed to ensuring any safety risks are removed. The company also implements a rigorous health, safety, and environment (HSE) management system to ensure performance is always up to standard.

Aquatech is committed to the protection of the environment and undertake significant consultation with clients before drilling, striving to leave the environment in its original condition.

A key current focus for Aquatech is the development of an improved mud cleaning unit, essentially incorporating multiple pieces of equipment into one highly functional machine.

“We are attempting to develop greater efficiencies with our critical mud cleaning units by improving the ways in which the machinery operates, ensuring multiple components are incorporated into the one unit, leading to efficiency gains,” Garbelini said. 

“We are also focused on making significant improvements to out test pumping equipment, focused on making the machinery easier and safer for manual handling.”

Aquatech’s equipment is maintained to the highest standards, further helping to ensure a premium level of safety and productivity.

The Aquatech support truck carries a full complement of hydraulic hoses, pumps, motors, and additional spare parts, enabling significant reductions in downtime.

The company’s short-term focus is on growth and becoming operationally larger and stronger, so it is able to undertake more water well drilling opportunities and projects across Western Australia.

Aquatech is looking to improve on its drilling capacity with new intermediate and large drilling machines, including the full complement of additional equipment, ensuring their units are fully self-sufficient.

“We are seeking to expand our capacity with everything that is required to run multiple highly flexible drilling units,” Garbelini said.

“We want to ensure our clients feel comfortable in the knowledge that if a breakdown occurs Aquatech has another machine ready to go, and just as capable as the original unit.

“Operating multiple machines also ensures our crews gain greater exposure to different operating environments across multiple projects, driving efficiencies and improving safety outcomes.”

Aquatech’s short-term focus is on growth and becoming operationally larger and stronger.

One of Aquatech’s inherent qualities is its flexibility and can-do approach, maintaining an ability to work closely with clients to facilitate their site-specific drilling requirements.

The company has the capability to service a wide cross section of clients from domestic operations to large agricultural, mining and government projects.

Aquatech is a member of the Australia Drilling Industry Association (ADIA), and the company’s drilling teams are Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 ADIA accredited. This level of certification ensures all work is carried out to the highest of standards.

“Our approach at Aquatech is straightforward: it’s about detailed planning, it’s about reliable and robust machinery, and it’s about our experienced workforce being meticulous when it comes to safety and getting the drilling done with a minimum of fuss,” Garbelini said

“We care deeply about our clients and our reputation for undertaking quality drilling is something that we’re very proud of as a company.”

With years of experience, the company’s mission is to produce outstanding results for its clients, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reducing its environmental impact, while achieving significant time and cost efficiencies.

“We ensure that the client has achieved an outcome they are happy with and at a fair price.” 

This feature appeared in the December issue of Australian Resources & Investment.

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