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RPMGlobal reveals large-scale mine optimiser


RPMGlobal (RPM) has released a multi-site, multi-period optimiser that analyses the mine plans and capital investment strategies of multiple operations to maximise the net present value (NPV) of entire mining companies.

Enterprise Optimiser (EO) has been built from the ground up leveraging and building upon algorithms, libraries and intellectual property within RPM’s software suite.

EO can look at a mining organisation in its entirety and inform capital investment decisions while also optimising the strategic mining schedule.

RPM chief executive officer Richard Mathews said the product solves a challenge that all multi-site organisations have attempted to solve for decades.

“Our new Enterprise Optimiser optimises the key objectives of the organisation across individual mine sites and considers both the mining and processing operations at the same time,” he said.

“This is critical in understanding not only how the individual mine plans are related but also where the organisation gets the greatest return for shareholders from their invested capital.”

Current offerings generally look to optimise the NPV of individual mining operations, but they fail to recognise that those sites are often connected.

Optimising connected mining operations is essential to ensuring the use of shared infrastructure and competing contractual requirements that impact each operation differently are taken into consideration.

EO is capable of handling very large, multi-operation models and has the capability to blend products not only at the site but also at other points along the route, including the port.

“What makes EO so powerful is the way we combine all of the different factors into a single model that looks at the entire problem across multiple mine sites,” Mathews said.

“It can assess the final products being exported from one or more ports while considering all of the logistics between the mine and the port.”

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