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The future of robotics and automation in the resources sector

The future of robotics and automation in the resources sector

Australia leads the world in automated mining technologies, allowing the resources sector to operate safely and e ciently in remote and harsh conditions on both large and small scales.

AUSTRALIA’S MINING INNOVATION efforts to date have ensured that we remain a low-cost producer in iron ore. Autonomous fleets used in iron ore production outperform manned fleets in several areas, including fuel consumption (10 per cent), maintenance costs (14 per cent), tyre wear (12 per cent) and truck life (12 per cent); however, the vast distances involved represent numerous challenges in service delivery, freight distribution and telecommunications, which can be partially solved through further application of robotic technologies.

To foster a better understanding of how to take advantage of robotics and automation, the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision released Australia’s first robotics road map. Launched at Australia’s Parliament House on 18 June, the road map acts as a guide to harnessing the benefits of a new robot economy in Australia. Building on Australia’s strengths in robot talent and technologies in niche application areas, the road map also supports a vibrant robotics industry that encourages automation across all sectors of the Australian economy. The most important ingredient in the recipe is investment, and investment requires certainty, which, until the road map, had been difficult to obtain.

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